The Lady in the Basement


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"The Lady in the Basement"

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Cait's Astrology Corner
What if I dream and a video game

I sat in the sauna that night and I thought about all of the things that cause or caused me stress throughout the week. I thought of a busy bustling city, I thought of the suburbs, I thought of visiting several people and how they didn't have time for me because they were too busy with their yard, learning the newest fad or just moving from one thing to the next.
I sat in my space and I found a place I could visit that would bring me peace.
I took myself to the desert, to the beach, to quietness, silence and I prayed and I meditated. And then I thought, "what if this could be a video game?" What if I could move though the game creating different spaces of peace and quiet. As I sat and listened to the meditative music I put together how I could move through the different segments, planting plants to help the earth, doing things for people, giving and having balance.
Then I realized that no matter how perfect I try to be it doesn't matter, for my God is ...

by Mirah, Friday, 04 July 2014 07:26 [ Read all ]
Cait's Astrology Corner
July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014

7/2 Mercury resumes direct motion and communication should become more direct [and less confusing] as a result. If the mail has been delayed, your income tax refund late, or that long awaited call from that special person has been a long time coming, your worries are over, the mail will be on time, the check is in the mail, and he will call tonight.
Mercury goes direct and all of a sudden it seems you hear from every one. You may have felt you were stranded on a desert island, but now your social calendar will be filled once again. Get ready, because when Mercury goes into Cancer on the 14th, things will become more dramatic and emotional once again. Enjoy this brief interlude of sanity.

7/14 Mercury enters Cancer: With Mercury in Cancer, women in particular can become sensitive and withdrawn, but of course it can affect men as well. Children become quite expressive about how they feel having not developed the ability to mask strong emotions ...

by Cait, Wednesday, 02 July 2014 21:30 [ Read all ]
*mumbles something about ruby slippers*

News Section looked sternly at

by Orpheus, Sunday, 26 April 2009 17:05 Comments(2), Read all
I can't do it! I can't! I can't!

Oh, Orphie! (I can call you that, right?)  Please look sternly a the News Announcements!

by QualityControl, Sunday, 26 April 2009 16:42 Comments(0), Read all

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