The Lady in the Basement


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"The Lady in the Basement"

Reprinted with permission of Jack

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Cait's Astrology Corner
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A quincunx is present in a chart when two planets are 150 degrees from each other.

This Aspect, above all, demands that adjustments be made. Things will appear muted or unclear and one must resolve to gain some focus on the matters at hand. A reorganization of priorities, as well as a change in the way things are done, is wanting. A change in attitude, outlook and perspective can also be indicated.

It is also believed that this Aspect has karmic lessons to teach us. Along those lines, an extension of the quincunx is the Yod, also referred to as the 'Finger of God.' In this little-known configuration, considered the most fated in Astrology, two planets which are sextiling (a sixty-degree Aspect) each other are in communion with a third planet which rests opposite the midpoint of the sextile. These three planets would then form the letter 'Y' in the heavens (draw it for yourself and you'll see). The third pl ...

by Cait, Wednesday, 15 October 2014 22:42 [ Read all ]
Cait's Astrology Corner
Is there anything going on?

Because I feel like there is.
And it mostly feels positive
but at other times
it feels powerful
If I am not careful
can get
me ...

by Mirah, Monday, 29 September 2014 05:23 [ Read all ]
*mumbles something about ruby slippers*

News Section looked sternly at

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I can't do it! I can't! I can't!

Oh, Orphie! (I can call you that, right?)  Please look sternly a the News Announcements!

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