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The Daily Hambil
The Daily Hambil
The daily life of Hambil, tech rodent extraordinaire!
Thursday, 10 August 2006
Hello again blogophiles.

I struck a deal with a graphics artist today to make a skin for frumious-bandersnatch. I am going to create an 'ultimate statistics' hack for his board, and he will create a skin for mine. Good deal, and I'm sure some of you will sleep better now. Sorry if I caused any nightmares.

I've decided I'm over medicated. I take anti-anxiety medication and at the current dosage I just can't think creatively. I had to cut back on the dose. It's better now, but of course I'm more anxious. I guess I'll just have to find new non-medication ways to deal with anxiety. Damn you world for not having a magic pill! I suppose at some point I'll explore the world of anxiety with you further. It's been an 'interesting' ride.

I'm working on a real-time web app for my paying job. It shows the status of incoming calls using ajax, and allows the calls to be transferred from one agent to another via drag and drop. The drag and drop is a serious pain in my ass. Oh well. It pays the bills.

More tomorrow...
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Monday, 07 August 2006
Hello again my blogish friends.

Today, I went to work. As I type this I am sitting at my desk in the office. I don't go into work that often anymore - I usually just work from home. I always expect them to say "you should come in more", or to show up one day and find they've given out my desk to someone else. But, here it is. I guess as long as the work gets done they are happy.

A couple of days ago I made what might have been the worlds ugliest bulletin board. You see, I am creating a board called Frumious-Bandersnatch, and Morri did a very professional logo for me:

I thought I could maybe use photoshop and some colors from the logo and make a board. However, it turns out I'm color challenged. I've always known I have 'limited' artistic talent - it's a family trait. When my dad visited Seattle a few years back we played pictionary, and his stick figures had extra limbs. But, it really wasn't until I made an honest effort to create a good looking site on my own, that I realized the extent of my artistic disability.

Yes my friends, your eyes do not deceive you. Obviously, I realized the horror of my own creation and have now begged for professional help.

More tomorrow.

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Sunday, 06 August 2006
So here we go. Let there be light. I have no idea what goes in a blog - anything I suppose. I've never really even read anyone else's blog. I'm a blog virgin. I installed a portal for Shattered Corpse today, and it comes with a blog module, so here we are.

I've become obsessed with juggling videos lately. There is a youtube contest for a juggling video set to Fatboy Slims Old Pair of Jeans. Some incredible videos have been done. Here's a few links:

Chris Bliss
Thom Hartswick
Joe Hague

Technically this isn't juggling, but, wow:
Angie Humphries

Okay, that's it for today. See you tomorrow.

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