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The Crowding Pen
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Friday, 26 January 2007

     Went to the sawbones yesterday for another followup on my leg...the bone seems to be healing properly and hopefully in a couple of weeks, I should be back to driving...which means going home!  I've been at my mother's for most of my convalescence and am wanting to get back to my house.  I've been staying here because I can't drive to get myself groceries or put money in the bank or run any other errands necessary. As much I love my neice and nephews and spending time with my sister and brother-in-law, I've had plenty...I need a break..

     I've have two more invites to do poetry in March, paying is always welcome!

     I watched the State of the Union address the other night...could barely hear it over the younguns being younguns...I did notice, however, that John McCain looked to be asleep, Barack Osama looked asleep, Hillary 'Ramrod' Clinton appeared extremely bored and Nancy Pelosi blinked 182. Cheney appeared none too happy to be seated by Pelosi, but blinked at an extremely diminished rate compared to the afore mentioned Speaker of the House.  I then listened to Senator Jim Webb(Democrat) of the Old Dominion State (Virginia, for those of you in Rio Lindo who don't habla) commence his rebuttal speech by saying he didn't have the time to rebut the President, nor would it be prudent (or something to the effect) and then commencing to do exactly what he said he wouldn't do...mostly about Iraq...typical.

    Well, I reckon I'll holler at y'all next time...

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Friday, 12 January 2007

I must be in demand! In two days, I've gotten two invites to perform poetry in February. On the 17th, I'll be performing for the Florida Folk Society's annual meeting and on the 24th, I'll be performing in Fort Pierce...both paying!  I write my own poetry, cowboy poetry with a South Florida bent to it.  I never turn down a chance to never know who will be in the audience and may give me 'the big break'...but it's always nice to get paid for flapping my gums!  Most folks don't realize that Florida is where the American cattle industry got it's start, about 20 years before Hernando Cortez took horses and cattle into what is now the American Southwest...the 'Wild West' started here in the East...I reckon Florida gets forgotten and out of the movies because we didn't dress as flashy as our western counterparts...most cowhunters didn't look any different than dirt poor farmers, but Florida had it's share of range wars and rowdy cowtowns.  Florida had open range longer than any other state...from the 1521 to 1949...the fence law was passed in '49 and took effect in 1950. We used to be 2nd in the nation in cattle production, and we're still ranked 9th, even with all the development taking place.

I got the staples removed from my leg a couple of days ago...the sutures seem to be healing well...I've got to work the story of this injury into a poem...I've done the same with my other injuries (two collarbones, right wrist, and left leg)...whenever a person gets injured, it's all about the story...nobody wants to say,"I was walking along and tripped over my big toe and fell and broke my arm...". Just doesn't have a heroic quality to it, does it?  I've been averaging a broke bone every two's hoping it's a good long while before I break another one!

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Monday, 08 January 2007

     I woke up  just  a few minutes ago, feeling like I'd been eat by a pack of dogs and crapped out over a cliff...I always feel that way if I get to sleep after 12 AM...I started going to sleep at 11 PM, listening to Oliver North's 'War Stories' on the Fox News channel, only to awakened about an hour or so later by my sister and brother-in-law talking about something or other (I sleep in a recliner in the living room while I'm here at my mother's recovering from the broken leg) and couldn't get to sleep for a while...I'll be so glad once I'm able to do for myself and can go back to my house!

     I expect maybe I ought to explain how I came to have a broken leg...back in June, we were trying to load a Charolais bull onto a horse trailer at work (I'm a real live working cowboy for one of the largest ranches in Florida, Lykes Brothers Incorporated).  He'd been a bit perturbed all morning and we'd put him in the scale house (where we weigh the cattle) to cool down. We worked about 100 bull calves, which took about 4 hours and figgered the bull would've calmed down by then, when we went to load him on the trailer. We got the trailer backed up to the loading chute and set the gates so he would have a straight shot into the trailer. When everything was set, I opened the gate on the scale house, stepping behind the gate so the bull couldn't get to me (he was still mad) and he bolted out of the scale house.

    I followed in behind him, running as fast as I could to shut the gate of the loading chute behind the bull, so that if he turned around and got off the trailer before the trailer gates could be closed, he'd have nowhere to go but back onto the trailer...only he didn't go on the trailer to start with...he turned around at the back of the trailer just as I was trying to shut the chute gate on him. I had just shut the gate to, hadn't latched it yet and I'm looking him dead in the eye!  I knew he'd either bowl through the gate and me, or jump the gate onto me (it was a short gate), so I let him have the gate! I beat feet, running for all I was worth to the fence about 10 feet away. I know he had to be blowing snot in my pocket, but I never looked back to see where he was...I didn't want to slow my self down...I leaped up onto the fence, climbing as fast as possible and thought I'd gotten high enough and he'd missed me when he slammed into my leg! He broke the leg as he was breaking the boards underneath me, I hung on to the top board while he was hooking and cramming his way through...I never felt any pain...really don't remember feeling any fear, just the urgent need to hang on to the top board so I didn't fall underneath him...I don't know how they rest of the crew would've gotten the bull off me had I fell down underneath him.  After a few furious seconds, he punched through the broken fence into about a 20 yard lane in the pens.  I looked down and saw what I thought was my right boot comming off, until I realized the angle was too high for it to be the boot almost off...that's when i realized the bull had broken the leg.

    The other guys in the crew hollered," You better climb!" because the bull would be coming back to finish the job. I hollered back, "I cain't! I broke my leg!" They hollered again, " You better climb!" and I hollered again, "I cain't! I broke my damn leg!!"  Gopher McGee jumped down from a fence and helped me over into another pen...when I jumped over that fence and hit the ground, my leg flopped like a broken chicken leg...this was when I realized the leg was broke slap in two...Gopher barely made it up the fence before the bull came right back through the hole he'd made busting through the first time...this time the bull went on the trailer no problem, and then the guys came to attend to me...Gopher and another of the crew (both taller than me) picked me up completely off both feet and started carrying me out of the pens, the leg just a wiggling...I said, "Hey fellers...maybe we ought to splint up this leg," so they got a couple of the broken boards and a tie rope and splinted up the leg...that helped stopped the wiggling.  I got to the ER at the hospital about an hour later, (we were way back in the woods where this happened) and my orthopedic doctor told me once he looked at the x-rays said we could operate, putting a rod in the leg, or try to let it heal in a cast. I opted for the cast, because I've always healed up well before (I've broken my left leg, right wrist, and both collarbones...not at the same time, though)...unbeknownst to us, however, there was muscle tissue on the both of the broken ends which would not allow the bone to heal properly (must be because of the cramming and framming of the bull causing the broken ends to collect the muscle tissue) and after giving the leg months to heal, finally had to have surgery about two weeks ago...

 With all the metal in my legs, left and right, I'm slowly becoming a few years, I'll be Loquacious of Borg...

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Saturday, 06 January 2007

Since I'm laid up, recovering from a broken leg, I figgered I'd help pass the time with entering the world of Blogdom...I expect most folks probably couldn't care less what I have to say on any given issue, but it is gratifying that through the Internet, folks like me have a means by which they may opine upon the subjects of the day or merely what is going on in their little corner of the world.

This is the Crowding Pen, therefore I'll crowd my thoughts in and part them off where I want them to go...but not just now...


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