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Sunday, 13 August 2006
Yesterday was a grand day. The sun was out, the temp hit the upper 60's and I planted flowers. :)  Of course I ran out of potting soil. It's a game. I tell hubby I need 2 bags of Miracle Grow, and he says I only need 1 and we can get more. So next time I say I need 3 bags, but he still says ONE - and one is what he loads in the car. Naturally I ran out of soil while planting. ROFL!

The upside is I get another trip to garden center. WaHoo! That means I will likely come home with more flowers/plants. It's my way of punishing hubby. hahaha  Actually, I hope to find some Primrose and Purple Cornflower plants -- it's time to looks at perennials ya' know. *wink* The Purple Cornflowers should do well on the hill in back - I have just the corner for them. I'm hoping the Primrose plants will do well under the fir trees out front. Time will tell. Of course, dear hubby has to get the soil in place so I can plant my Nasties! They are blooming in their little pots, but would do so much better in the ground. Do you hear that dear hubby? Har Har Har.
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Tuesday, 08 August 2006
So I saw that there aren't any rules or conditions for a blog? Hmmm ... must admit that's interesting. LOL!

I doubt I'll ponder much, but one never knows.

Can I edit the picture in the template?

It's cool that we have templates.

Actually it's cool that we have blogs.

This is cool board software.
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