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Thoughts and moments from
Thoughts and moments from
Monday, 15 September 2008
As summer turns to fall and I think of cocooning myself in my lab for my winter's building and tinkering, I am seriously debating starting an inventor's blog somewhere on the web, focusing on techniques and materials. There are, of course, many more Internet resources for the tinkerer and inventor than ever before, but as fascinating as each is, in its own right, I think I might have something to add -- a compilation of interesting materials, techniques and (something I've wanted to do more regularly for many years) photo tutorials.

There are certainly many sites that offer a soapbox for such posts, but somehow the level of commentary just leaves something to be desired. I think it's because the mentally adventurous tend to be either the young, who have time and mental flexibility or older people working alone, who are less likely to join in the jr high hubbub.

Unfortunately, this software will only allow me to have one blog, and I am not in the mood to hack it for more. I think I'll keep this one "personal' for while and see how that works out. Besides, I'm wondering if a blog is the best format. I could set up a complete site on this server, as I've done for other projects in the past, but as much as I'd enjoy being able to post in raw HTML, that starts to sound too much like work I don't have time for -- not if I'm ever to continue my inventing and catch up on my backlog on last year's slacking (Yes, it's true: I slacked off on nonessential activities for an entire year! The worst part was feeling my brin slow down noticeably, nay, unignorably)

Besides, the more I think about it, the less a Blog is the best format. I'll have to ponder the best approach

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Friday, 12 September 2008
(copies an encrypted string into a document)

Spellcheck pop-up: "Damn. You win. 150,000 words, and I have no idea what you were aiming for there."

Clippy the paperclip: "Hi! It looks like you re slamming your head on the keyboard. Can I help?

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Why I shouldn't play party games with people under 28:

Mademoiselle Orph du jour:  "A cutlass. A firearm. A blackboard pointer. A..."
Me: "Things you brandish!"
MOdj: "Bingo!"
Opponent: "Now I know you're cheating! A Cutlass? A blackboard pointer?"
Me: "What's more brandishable than a cutlass?" (makes swashbuckling gestures)
OP: "Oh. I was thinking of the car. My granddad had an Olds Cutlass. It was huge. But still, a pointer?" (makes pathetic pencil-scrawling gesture) How'd you get 'brandish' from that?
Me: "OH! (laughs) You were thinking of a laser pointer? In our day, blackboard pointers were made of wood!"
OP: "You're shitting me."
Me: "Would that I were."

Why things would be easier if I were an Earthling, Part I

She: "Hey, Quizno's is about to close! Let's order a delivery! Where's the menu?"
[I have a painfully huge collection of menus from every restaurant I even want to try]
Me: "I don't have one. I've never gotten around to stopping by."
She: "How can you live so close to a Quizno's and not go? Do you know how jealous I am?"
Me: "Well, pop down and order --it's like five minute's, tops-- and bring back a menu for next time."
She: "Drive me? You'll love Quizno's."
Me: "As potent as you know your pleas are, I'm still full from my Poulet Frit a la Kentucky. I'll check on my interns and websites while you get your sandwich, then we'll have the rest of the night all to ourselves."
She: (tempting) "C'mon? Quiznos? It's like being hugged from the inside!"
Me: (arching eyebrow) "That sounds like a description of sex. Well, for you, anyway, I'm a guy --a straight guy. We have a distinct lack of interest in being hugged from the Inside."
She: "You do realize that that's their new slogan: 'It's like being hgged from the inside' ?"
Me: "I had no idea. I'd expect that to go with chocolate chip cookies. No...Belgian chocolates on Valentines."
She: "You really have to start watching more TV if you expect this relationship to go anywhere."
Me: "I'll bet you a nickle you've never delivered *that* ultimatum before."

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Well, I suppose that,  having created this blog for the purposes of testing, I should fill it.

Let's start with a TINTIS. "TINTIS", for those of you insufficently familiar with the iside of my skull, is the delightfully pronounceable acronym for "Things I Never Thought I'd Say". It is distinguished form it's more formal cousin the TINTIWS (Things I Never Thought I Would Say), by the fact that a TINTIWS is something I (or a younger me) actually finds shocking that I did say, given my beliefs, past or present.

Yes, I realize that "I'd" is a contraction for "I would", making TINTIS and TINTIWS semantically identical, but bugger semantics. They're cousins... identical cousins... what, have you never watched "The Patty Duke Show "? Hie thee to Nickolodeon, varlet! (Or wench. No, wait... the wenches can stay) My childhood was tormented by it. I was horrified by this miscarriage of genetic folklore, and I am even more horrified now, because the IMDB entry informs me (and my memories confirm), that the show went off the air before I started first grade, yet *I* still knew better than to buy that "identical cousins" nonsense, bandied about by adults for the rest of my childhood.

But enough about that. On to the TINTIS (actually uttered yesterday)

"Contrary to popular belief, frozen carbon dioxide and acetone do not form an azeotropic mixture or solute-depressed solution with a freezing point significantly lower than dry ice alone. It just feels that way."

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Thoughts and moments from
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