The Auction

The Auction 

[Adult, D/s, slavery]


She was nervous, but tried to control all outward signs. She used every bit of training, all the self-discipline she had learned over the past few months to stand in ‘presentation’ without movement. She stood as still as a living, breathing body possibly could, and indeed, she was more like a living statute than a slave being inspected prior to sale.

She had known this day was coming; the day she would be sold; the day she would become the property of the one who bought her. She had tried not to let the hope consume her; the hope that her Owner would be "The One". She also tried to mask her fear that he would not be "The One"; that he would not be a good match, and she would be required to serve, but without joy. It was in this moment that she both hoped and feared the best and the worst of possibilities.

Blindfolded, standing naked with her arms clasped behind her head, her ankles shackled and her feet apart, she heard the voices of the people out in the hall. They all became a blur of mumbled noises and she couldn't make out any actual words, or identify any voice that might seem familiar. She reckoned the room was full, but she had no idea of how many people were out there. A slave auction was sure to bring everyone in the area, if only to watch the proceedings. She didn't know if she was alone in the inspection and display area or part of a group, she only knew that she was to be inspected and sold today.

She stood as still as she could, then she began to sense people around her. The air stirred as each person passed by, and as the air was stirred it passed over her nervous body and caused it to chill. She felt a pair of aggressive hands begin inspecting her; hands exploring with fingers and nails, then with mouth, teeth, and tongue, yet never speaking a word. She trembled in both passion and fear as the hands invaded her, as the mouth tasted her. Her knees began to shake in slight little tremors of both fear and anticipation when a hand, perhaps a different hand, perhaps not, held the back of her knee in a silent command to be still.

Then she felt a crop lifting her breasts, striking the nipples with short strokes and painting her body slowly in long strokes. Was it the same person or was this another prospective buyer? She didn't know and she supposed she never would. The crop continued to outline her stomach, her hips, alternating between gentle taps and harsher ones. Pussy touches and spanks to her pussy lips, then slowly dragging the crop from her puss across her hips and around to her ass. Then the crop made more circling motions on her ass with a few healthy whacks to her ass cheeks. The crop was then laid on the small of her back and pressure was applied, signaling her to bend over.

Standing before an unknown audience, bent over and completely exposed, she listened as authoritarian voices snapped comments to unknown attendants. A crop slammed against her ass cheeks and then against her puss, causing her to tremble again. She felt the handle of the crop begin to explore her rear, dragging along the crack between her cheeks, and then stopping at the pink rosebud of her anus. Gently prodding, but never invading, only prodding for both her physical reactions and her emotional ones. Once his inspection was complete he placed his hand on her shoulder indicating that she was to stand up straight again.

Resuming her pose, hands secured snuggly behind her head, she adjusted her shoulders and perfected her posture before yet another pair of hands began to explore every inch of the body that no longer belonged to her. This Master gently pulled her hair, testing the softness by rubbing it between his fingers and pulling it harder towards his nose, inhaling its fragrance for cleanliness. He folded forward each ear in order to determine that even this hidden portion of her body lived up to his immaculate standards. Caressing her face he forced open her lips to run a thumb over her teeth, invading this orifice with his fingers simply because he could!

Her chin was lifted by a new set of hands, and with the single word stay to keep her head in this new position, her heaving breasts are explored along with the texture of her now lustfully engorged nipples. Her belly began to quiver and her elbows begin to shake imperceptibly. All of this was noted and commented on by those who watched attentively; some nodded and smiled as they watched her every response regardless of how minute.

Suddenly, two sets of hands were inspecting her, one Master from behind and yet another who stood in front of her. The two men smiled at her as they placed their hands upon her hips, the man in back of her pushed her hips forward so that her groin was moved forward into the crotch of the man in front of her. They both laughed out loud at her willingness to move so easily to whoever was in front of her. They continued to laugh as she blushed and caught her breath while four greedy hands spoke to her.

One began to inspect her from behind while the other moved along her front side. Each small wound or imperfection found during the inspection was commented on in detail! Each and every inch of her body was inspected and no orifice was exempt from their scrutiny. One demanding knee spread her legs further, while another invading hand found a moist triangle of liquid fire. The knowing way those fingers parted her steaming wetness caused her knees to buckle, only to be caught quickly in the arms of the man behind her. A sharp pinch to the clit quickly replaced pleasure with reality as another hand continued to trace the moistness from her sex to her inner thigh.

Continuing, her legs were inspected for firmness as all four hands slid over her legs from her hips down to her feet, her puss down the inner thigh and to her ankles, over the shackles and on to her toes. Silent hands lifted each foot one at a time to inspect for imperfections, calluses, broken nails and cleanliness. And as each imperfection was found, it was called out and noted. The two men nodded silently when they were finished and then moved away.

She stood there for what must have been only a few hours, but it seemed an eternity. Hands and voices instructed her to turn this way and that so her body could be inspected in order to determine her value to a potential buyer. She was disoriented from the darkness, her only points of reference were the hands that steadied her as they probed and invaded her body. Her body? It wasn't hers any more, it wasn't sold yet, but it surely wasn't hers. Time, training and surrender had taught her that much.

The room became deadly quiet and the air seemed to go dead still. The girl took a deep breath in and awaited her fate. The bidding was about to begin. A voice boomed out and announced the start of the auction. There were twelve, twelve slaves up for auction. She wasn’t alone.

The voice in charge shouted out descriptions and baited patrons to bid, female attributes were announced to entice higher bids. One called a 'dark' beauty, another proclaimed to have an ability to do things with her 'throat' that had to be tried to be believed. Still others were described in such detail that it made the girl blush. Nothing was left to the imagination, nothing!

The girl began to shake and try as she might she could not control her knees from buckling in her fear and anticipation. It wouldn't be long now, not long before she was led away in chains; led away to serve her Master in the manner he desired.

The Voice bellowed "Sold"... then again “Sold"....... time after time the voice bellowed "Sold" until finally there was quiet again. Then she heard the chain clang as it was fastened to the collar around her neck, then she felt the tug for her to follow. The chains on her ankles clinked and dragged on the ground as she labored to walk and keep up with the pull from the chain tugging at her neck.

Still blindfolded, she followed until finally the tug went slack and she stopped. She stood there until she heard the command.


She kneeled in supplication and bowed her head. It was done. When she saw light again, she would leave her own dreams behind, instead she would mold herself to the dreams of another; become those dreams for him.

The blindfold was removed, but she kept her eyes closed as she tried to get accustomed to the light. Finally her eyes popped open, but still she kept her head bowed, seeing only the tops of her thighs and her own hands placed gently upon them. She made whatever corrections necessary in her posture and steadied her breathing.

Fingers gently touched her chin and bade her to look up. She wanted to continue to look down; she needed to keep the hope alive that the hand touching her belonged to the one she hungered to serve. But if she looked, if she looked she would know for sure, and never again be able to hope. She ached from the desire to continue to look down, not see his face, and not know, but instead she instantly obeyed, leaving her hope behind, following the touch that beckoned her to look up.

Her eyes rose to meet his as he spoke the words "good girl", and before she knew it a silent tear of joy fell down her face. The fear she had kept so tightly under control, all that fear was suddenly released. She started physically shaking, as tears began to flow in earnest.

He knew from the look on her face, when her eyes met his that he had chosen perfectly. The look on her face could not be faked. It can’t really be bought either, and he knew it. The look a slave can get, that look of recognition, relief and then, then............complete joy as she realizes her wait is over.



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