Slab O' Contents

Slab O' Contents

Front Cover : Curiousa2Z      


"The Picnic," by Raeven  

"I'm Dreaming," by Raeven  

Gargoydemonthing, by Neil

"Chains of Pain," by Rick Hutchins

Art by BitchSlapSmitty 

"The One," by Cait Pyper [Adult]

Gallery of Horrors, by BitchSlapSmitty 

"Law of 3," by Dead Body Dump 

N2S Halloween, Cont'd by Hunter 

"Corpse Comix," by Jack

"Beezle and Bub," by BitchSlapSmitty

Back Cover Poem:  Ilyanna

Copyrights are held by the Individual Artists.  No art or prose may be reproduced without the express permission of the Artist.  Shattered Corpse publishes with the permission of the copyright holder. Artists that wish to be part of any Shattered Corpse Anthology should contact an Administrator.


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