I'm Dreaming by Raeven

 ~I'm dreaming~ 

by Raeven ã

Have you ever tried to wake up from a dream or a nightmare, but the world of consciousness eludes you.  You’re almost awake, struggling to open your eyes, desperately trying to move, but your body feels frozen, trapped.

He fell into the water that wasn’t water at all. It tickled.  The woman, the one in the hot tub, the one he’d been oiling, stroking, hoping….. she was tickling him with feathers…..only they weren’t feathers at all. They skittered across his skin, feathers didn’t skitter and flit….he didn’t want to look, couldn’t look…

I’m dreaming, it’s just a fucking dream.. 

He looked down.  He was waist high in a black, writhing mass churning and teeming with life…spiders..thousands of them, crawling over him, crawling up his body, he shuddered as they danced across his bare skin looking for somewhere to bite.  He fell forward…face down into the arachnid hot tub.  It was dark…terror gripped him, cooled his blood, his stomach roiled and heaved….he screamed, or at least, he tried to.  As he opened his mouth they swarmed in, drawn to the damp warmth, they blocked his throat, they wriggled and scurried up his nose, in his ears. 

If he’d been able, he would have laughed at the sheer impossibility of the situation.

I’m dreaming, it’s just a fucking dream.. 


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