The One by Cait


The One

By Cait Pyper ã 2008

Adult Content


Through the haze of the drugs she looked on blurry eyed as if she was in a dream, but still awake.  Never really connected to events, yet knowing she was part of them in some important way. 

She turned her head to look to her right, but all she could see was a fire burning brightly.  The light of the fire illuminated what looked to be ancient ruins of some kind.  Or maybe that was what her mind constructed in order to avoid panic.  Her mind filling in the blanks of what was really only the flames dancing on abstract objects within her line of sight.  

She looked to her left, but saw only trees and a mountainside.  The rocks and boulders encased in shadows that danced with the sway of the trees. 

She looked up and saw the night sky and the stars, but no moon.  It was a new moon she thought to herself; a new moon in Scorpio.  That would mean transformation.  Maybe even death and rebirth.  She remembered now, it was Halloween.  A new moon on Halloween.  It was a potent night if you believed such things.

She let the thought go as quickly as it came and concentrated on her body.  She was warm, but she felt the night breeze upon her skin and knew she was naked. The nakedness didn’t alarm her as much as it was a thought she could use to focus her mind.  She was on a hard surface, not smooth, but not uncomfortable either.  Just cold and hard.  She was prone; she knew that much.  But, she could not feel her hands, but her arms seemed extended.  Her legs were spread because she could feel the night breeze between her legs, almost caressing her inner thighs and her puss.

She heard some fingers snapping and her eyes quickly darted towards the sound trying to focus.  She saw a woman dressed in bright colors approaching her from her right.  The light from the fire outlined the woman so she looked almost ethereal. 


Amanda wanted to answer, but she could not form the words.  She struggled to use her voice, the struggle obvious to the stranger standing over her.

“Don’t struggle.  Your voice will come to you in a bit.  Just try and relax.”

As Amanda watched the woman retreat she thought to herself, "Relax"?  Then just as suddenly she realized she was relaxed.  She knew she should be afraid and panicked, but she wasn't.  Whatever was happening wasn't good, and if it was a nightmare she wanted to wake up, but like a nightmare she just seemed to follow along hoping at some point it would all go away.

Suddenly, she felt something on her leg.  At first she didn’t realize what it was.  At first she thought it was just an air current or change in wind that created the sensation, but she quickly recognized the sensation as a sort of moving massage or slithering.  In her drugged state, when she finally realized that it was a snake crawling on her body, she didn’t even panic. She was only satisfied that she’d correctly identified what it was.  She remained calm.  She was transfixed in fact.

The snake moved across her legs and circled around her feet over and over again, making its presence known but never aggressive or threatening.  To Amanda it felt like it was there, but not there.  "Just like in a dream," she thought.  "Just like in a dream."  The snake finally curled up at her feet, barely touching the bottom of her right foot.  It was there, almost like a watchdog or pet.

As her mind began to focus she felt her voice return.  She still could not really feel a lot of her body and she didn't know if she was still under the influence of some sort of drug or deeper into the dream.  She now looked around with as critical and observant an eye as she could.  She could see two other altar-like stone configurations and each had a naked girl posited on top.  Amanda realized that she must be the third girl and she must be atop a similar altar.  It felt like some kind of strange theater and as Amanda passed in and out of awareness and denial, she wondered what her part would be.  

The scent of jasmine and sage brought her out of her dreams and then she heard a soft bell ring three times.  A male voice solemnly said, “I’ve picked The One.  We can proceed with the wedding now." 

The snake stirred slightly and gently wrapped around her feet and toes, resting its tail on her leg.  Then, matter of factly slithered off her and onto the ground.  Amanda looked to the other alters and saw a snake leave the altar of each one, all three circling around two people who were standing in front of a man who looked to be in some kind of Holy attire—a Priest of some kind. 

Amanda blinked and tried to focus as she watched what looked to be a wedding.  What was she doing at a wedding?  Naked?  Drugged?  This had to be a dream.  And for the first time, she became panicked. "What if it isn't a dream?"  

She listened to the Priest perform the marriage, as her mind tried to put the pieces together.   What was the last thing she remembered?  What was it?  Her last real memory, what was it?  But try as she could she could not remember where she had been, or even what she had been doing before she awoke in this place.  All she could remember was the date, and the only reason she remembered that was because of the new moon.

She felt a hand under her neck and her head being tilted forward to drink something.  “Here drink this Amanda,” the woman said.

She cloaked and tried to spit out the liquid, she fought but her hands and feet were immobile.  “No”, she cried.  “No.”

“Yes,” the woman said with emphasis.  “YES.”

Amanda looked innocently up at the woman and pleaded with her eyes as she drank the concoction.  The drug worked quickly and Amanda was again deep in a dream state, although she still could hear and see what was going on, but her panic was subsiding.  Although ti felt like a dream, she was almost certain it wasn't.  It was real, even if it seemed so unreal.

The wedding ended, and the Priest announced the couple to be bonded for all life and eternity.  He took a scepter and motioned it towards Amanda saying, “She is The One.”

Suddenly Amanda was untied and strong arms lifted her up to move her.  As she was moved, she looked around and saw that there were dozens of people in attendance.  All of them dressed in robes of black and purple or black and green.  All of them whispering and pointing at her. 

She saw the other two women on their altars, and then the men that began to line up at each end.  Each man dropped his robe and stood naked while pushing his cock into whatever hole was available.  The scene quickly devolved into an orgy of hungry sex.   The sounds of sex echoed and the scent of sex mixed with the jasmine and sage to produce a pungent smell of desire and lust.  Amanda heard sounds of orgasm when the men came and screams of pleasure from the women being fucked on the altars.  Their pleasure was real and their lust for more evident. 

But Amanda was confused.  They were being used, but she had been on an altar as well.  Why was she being moved?  Why was she being spared?  As she was thinking these thoughts, the strong arms set her down on another flat surface.  Another altar.  Hands began washing her and anointing her with the sweetest smelling oil.  Her hair was combed and braided, but she could offer no resistance even though her hands were now free and being manicured.

Once the preparation was done, flowers were attached to her ankles and her wrists and she was tied symbolically to the altar.  More flowers adorned her hair and were woven into the braid.  She was laid out on the altar quite ceremoniously and with great care.  The sounds of sex still echoed in her ears, although she could see nothing around her any longer.  The demands of the men and the screams of the women for “more”, filled her mind as she drifted off slightly into her dream state, her last thought, "This can't be real.".

She remained there in her own dreams until the sounds of the orgy subsided.  Each participant sated.  The voice of the Priest commanded that the women be returned to their homes and cared for, having served well and honorably.y: 'andale mono';">  He sent many home to be with their families, and some he beckoned to stay. 

And still Amanda lay on the altar.

Finally after all the sounds of people leaving had subsided, and only the murmuring voices of a few remained, she finally saw the face of the Priest above her.  She looked him in the eyes and saw the truth.

“I’m never leaving am I?”

“No, my dear.  You are never leaving here.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“You are a gift from the groom to us.  You belong to us now.”

“Belong?  What will happen to me?”

“Oh many things.  And you will do them all, my dear.  You will do them all because you are The One.”

Armada looked curiously at the Priest.  She still did not know what he was talking about. 

“ I know you are confused, but do not worry.  You will do what we ask in the end because you were meant to do it; because you secretly long to do it; and we will bring your secrets to the surface and revel in your hunger to please. Tonight the veil between worlds can be pierced and we can be gifted with a human female for our pleasure.  Tonight the wedding couple paid the price and offered us three choices.  The other two were rejected and returned to their homes.  But you, you are acceptable.  Tonight at midnight it will be done.  You will be ours.  You will be our slave and you will suffer for our pleasure in ways that you can’t imagine and some you can imagine.  And in the end you will beg for everything we want from you.” 

Then the snakes began to turn into men with horns and the Priest’s skin became dark and scared.  All of the men present began to transform into grotesque images before her eyes.  She wanted to struggle, but she couldn’t.  Not because she was restrained, or even drugged, but because of something deeper in her.  There was something that was struggling to surface.  Something, something that held her still even in her panic and terror.

She felt their hands begin to caress her and then the chanting began.  After that she fell into a state she could never have described.  She was not a thinking woman any longer, she was only an instinct.  No thought.  Only emotion and instinct.  And in the end, she didn't even remember who she had been, her name, or her former life.  All she knew was her place on the altar and that she existed only to please them.


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