Law of 3 by Dead Body Dump


by Dead Body Dump 

Page 1 Panel 1: 

Large Splash (½ page, or slightly smaller)

Interior of biker bar, Jimmy the Joker is about to attack another (smaller) customer at the counter, he has him by the collar, and his other fist is cocked back. Maybe he’s holding a weapon? If so, it’s most likely a knife, or a broken bottle.

Maybe the bartender is looking on in shock or dismay, or maybe he’s yelling and pointing at the door. If it’s the latter, he’s holding a phone, as if he’s on the verge of calling the police.

The story title (Law of 3) should be at the top, with a caption under it, giving the credits.

Caption: Story: Dead Body Dump (Or DBD, depending on space)
Art: Conchaga

Caption: Bullies are the simplest of creatures. Not only is force the only thing they understand, it’s the only thing they delight in.

Caption: Despite any differences in age, race, or religion, all bullies use intimidation and violence to bend others to their will.

Caption: When I was 16, this simple bully inadvertently taught me a very valuable lesson…

Page 1 Panel 2:

Interior of living room, my mother walking on the left, almost off panel, Jimmy on the right, seated on the couch, leering after her.

Caption: “Jimmy The Joker” (called so because of his desire to join the Gypsy Jokers) hadn’t been out of prison long when I met him, and it didn’t take long for him to make two things perfectly clear.

Caption: First: he wanted to fuck my mother. Second: failing that, kicking the shit out of me would be an acceptable alternative.

Page 1 Panel 3:

A shouting match outside a two story house: Jimmy on one side, My mother, brother, a few friends, a barking black lab and myself on the other.

Caption: His crude suggestions and threats didn’t make him very popular among my friends and family, but how to handle the situation was a bit of a mystery to us. No one was in a position to handle him physically, and the cops were rarely any help.

Page 2 Panel 1: 

Close up of Joel, torso and head, facing the “camera”.

Caption: It was my friend Joel who came up with a solution, in the form of a spell. Joel styled himself a Wiccan, but either didn’t know, or didn’t care about the consequences of our actions. Being ignorant of such things at the time, I agreed to his plan.

Page 2 Panel 2: 

Close up of cake mix being poured into a mixing bowl.

Caption: We would make a cake.

Page 2 Panel 3

A female hand pulling hair off of a brush.

Caption: We would bake some of his hair into that cake.

Page 2 Panel 4: 

Me digging a hole in the backyard.

Caption: Finally, we’d bury that cake, completing the spell.

Page 2 Panel 3: 

Joel with his back to us, urinating in the hole. Perhaps a “pissing” sound effect?

Caption: To ensure our success, Joel added one additional element to the proceedings.

Caption: The goal of all this was to cause enough damage to Jimmy’s life that he would cease to be a threat to us.

Page 3 Panel 1:

Another large splash (this time a full page), and this is the gory one! A deserted parking lot. Jimmy, bleeding, broken and bruised in his van. The door is open so we can see him, perhaps with an arm or leg hanging out. Jimmy is VERY hurt, blood should be everywhere. The van itself is in bad shape, windows and lights are busted, more than a few dents and scratches. The phase “No Joker” is spray-painted somewhere on the van. Possibly, we see Jimmy’s bike, also totaled beyond repair. The carnage should be as complete and as brutal as possible.

Caption: It didn’t take long to see the result: and from the inscription, it wasn’t hard to figure out who the perpetrators were.

Caption: “Jimmy the Joker” became Jimmy the Joke. He wasn’t a threat to ANYONE after that.

Caption: But the law of 3 states: “Whatever you do comes back to you threefold.” I was about to learn this the hard way.

Page 4 Panel 1:

My mother and her boyfriend packing up, getting ready to move. There should be boxes everywhere.

Caption: A few months later, My mother and brother moved a few states away. Because of the school I was in, I decided to stay.

Caption: I lost my family.

Page 4 Panel 2:

Alicia and I having sex on a futon in a basement. She’s on top.

Caption: Not long after that, I lost my virginity to Alicia, my best friend and first love. She moved in with another guy a week later.

Caption : I lost the woman I loved.

Page 4 Panel 3:

Interior of an animal shelter. I’m standing with Bobbie, my black lab. I’m handing the leash over to them.

Caption: I soon realized I had no choice but going into foster care. This also meant taking my dog, Bobbi, to a shelter. She was the wisest, kindest, noblest creature I have ever known. But because she had mange, they put her to sleep.

Caption: Perhaps worst of all: I lost my dog.

Page 4 Panel 4:

A pentagram and a few candles.

Caption: I learned later that The Jokers attacked Jimmy because he stole some money from them in a drug deal, and I suppose everything that happened to me later could be coincidence…but I still wonder. Would they have even found him if not for the spell?

Caption: In any case, I didn’t mess with magic for a long time after that, and not until I knew far more about the subject.

Caption: And I’ve NEVER used it to hurt anyone since then.

Caption: End.

Character Descriptions:

Jimmy The Joker: Tall, I’d say about 6’4, slightly overweight, but of the sort where there’s a ton of muscle under a little fat. Goatee, bandanna, Harley shirt.

My Mother: Dark hair, also slightly overweight but still very attractive in her early 40s.

ME: Lighter hair, but in a long and WILD afro. Normally in jeans, jean jacket, and a heavy metal t-shirt.

My Brother: Short straight hair, normally clad in sports/hip-hop fashion of the day, (this was the early 90’s, just a little before sagging became the rage)

Joel: Also has very curly hair, almost a fro, but shorter. Kind of a gnomish face.

Alicia: Curly hair and glasses, kind of nerdy, but still very attractive.

Bob (mom‘s boyfriend): Tall, short dark hair, beard. A little freaky looking.

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