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Midterm Armageddon (Comedy/Horror)

-This short film began it's conception last summer when a friend of mine proposed an idea to me.  Based on that idea, we worked out a story, characters, and so on.  I wrote the screenplay based on that, and then shot the film over a single weekend late in the fall.  It was shot for about $50 or so, with a lot of favors called in to keep the cost that low.  This is also the first time I've ever attempted to color correct footage to make it look more movie-esque.  Enjoy:   



Final Armageddon (Comedy/Horror)
-This is a spin-off sequel to Midterm Armageddon, following several of the characters from the first film.  This short film was co-created between myself and another friend of mine, who plays a character in both of these films.  It was shot over two days in the winter for less than $10.  Enjoy: 


Midterm/Final Armageddon Extra Content  
-For Midterm and Final Armageddon, extra material was shot for DVD extras.  Here are a couple of those extras:  

Blooper Reel for Midterm Armageddon --


Making of Final Armageddon -- 



Shattered in a Heartbeat (Horror/Drama)  
-This was the big boy project for me this year.  This was the biggest, most ambitious project I've taken on to date.  This film would prove the most problematic to shoot and some of the darkest subject matter I've allowed myself to capture on film to date.  It required actors that would be fully on board with the ideas I wanted to present and a willingness to give 110%.  This film cost probably between 50 to $80 to shoot.  I called in every favor I could.  Based on both the facts and myths of Jack the Ripper, this is a modern take set in current times.  This entire film was cut to music instead of adding the music later.  It has a very music video feel to it in places.  A lot of care went into the look of the film (building on what I learned about color correction with Midterm Armageddon).  Lighting was important.  This is very different from what you've seen of my work up to this point.  Whether it works or not is up to you.  

WARNING: The following film contains mature themes, some sexual content (including a brief partial nude scene), and images that may disturb some viewers.  View discretion is advised.






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