Prose by Dead Body Dump

Untitled Work by Dead Body Dump

Like an icon
You hold it up
Use it as a shield
A wall
A prison
Your pain

Tears on cheeks
Blood on tongue

Smiles and sneers 
Hide the pain
We keep inside
The pain
We refuse
To let go of
We must think
It’s all we have


I’ve sheltered
Blood and tears
To protect
Every secret
That burns in 
Every Wall
That cracks
Where grass
To escape
Every noble
Every sand
I build
Every illusion
I foster
Or cling to


1.   If desire brings frustration 
And love brings despair
Then why does solitude 
Lead to loneliness?
Only the moon knows
But remains silent

2.   Dreams bring no relief
Temptation of possibilities
Imagination unbound
Every wish truth and fear
Dreams taunt and mock
Those who must awake

3.   Heal goddamnit
Forget and repent
Learn the lesson
And continue
To love to lose
To laugh to leave
To live

4.   God is dead but
Before he died
He said; Every New beginning
Comes from some
Other beginning’s end.”
Oh yes, He listened to the radio.

5.   Life is a circle, a ring
Of fate, a chain linked 
By variables, a pattern
So subtle that destiny
Seem chaos, random
Seems design and the 
Other way around

6.   Wisdom is a river
Experience the sea
Tomorrow is a flower
Yesterday the sun
Life is the wind
Death is earth
Passion the flame
Serenity the raindrop
Fear the void
(Void of fear)


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