Red, Hot and Blue by Rae

Red, Hot, and Blue

by Raeven


Short, shallow breaths
Fear grips you and takes hold
Lust and dark desire about to unfold

Blood red dripping wet
Life flows into nothingness
Drink deeply


Hot blood slipping, sliding over her breasts
Softly sucking, biting her skin
Pleasure and pain combined within
Eager, ardent hands clasping, begging
Cold fingers abusing, teasing with skill
Gasping, moaning
The crimson kiss goes deeper still

And blue

The clouds hang ponderous and dark
As she stands alone on the rocks
surrounded by churning black water.
Lightning flashes,
The wind grabs at her clothes 
Pulling them this way and that,
A lovers touch….
The storm approaches, thunder threatens,
Her body trembles, the excitement, the forbidden 
She lifts her arms to the tenebrous sky
Head thrown back, eyes closed
As the rain falls like needles upon her skin
raw and exposed flesh stings,
Each drop a tiny prick, pleasure mounts
The stygian waters surge and swell, 
greedy waves reaching up to caress her
twisted desire drawing her in
The waves crash and pound against the rocks
The air heavy with spray
her body soaked by frigid rain and the savage sea
welcoming liquid fingers as they drag her down
Pulled under, rolled in the waves,
lungs burning,  eyes streaming, salt into salt
dawn approaches
The tide changes, currents shift 
The freezing grip loosens
Blue lips smiling
Floating on the sea of her desires

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