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Sea of the Dead

by RJDiogenes

After taking for so many years

The seas gave back their dead

A thick green fog, sick and choking

Rose and filled the air with dread

Then they came, by the thousands

Draped with seaweed, muck and slime

Bloated and bony and decomposing

Reeking of rot and brine

Soon they filled the seaports

And the cities along the coasts

In a week, the entire world was haunted

By these drowned and sodden ghosts

There were pilgrims, there were pirates

Ancient Minoans and Egyptians

Horned Vikings and robed Chinese

And troops of armored Phoenicians

But they did not eat the living

Or harm them in any way

People learned not to fear them

Not to scream or run away

Instead, they came to watch them

As they wandered silently about

And developed theory after theory

As to why the sea had spit them out

But there was no explanation

Except the world had gone quite mad

For these zombies were not evil

Only desperately sad


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