Camp SC DBD Gothic Romance

Generic Gothic Vampire Romance #69

By Dead Body Dump
        He entered her bedchamber in his velvet cape and silk costume, both jet black like his long hair. The silver moonlight glistened off his wet fangs.
        “Oh, my eternal love,” she said to him, voice wet with yearning, “before you take me in your dark embrace I must know; are you the type of vampire that explodes in sunlight, or the type that glows?”
        “It doesn’t matter, my sweet,” he said moving towards her, “It is always dark here. There is no sun.” He gently swept her hair away from her neck with the back of his hand. “Now I must feeeeed…”
        “Wait wait! One last thing!” She gasped, voice husky with desire, “Since you’re a vampire, I wonder if you could do something none of my other boyfriends would ever do for me?”
        “What’s that?”
        “Well, I was wondering if you’d be willing to go down on me…during, y’know, that time of the month?”

        “Hell no, bitch!” he shouted in disgust, backing away from her, “that’s nasty!”

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