Slab o'Contents 2009

 Camp Shattered Corpse

Halloween 2009

Slab O'contents


Welcome Campers by Cait & Self

Things that go bump in the night By Raeven

Hallow Hills by Dead Body Dump

The Campfire by Rick Hutchins

Anger Stalks the Night by RJDiogenes

Red, Hot & Blue by Raeven

Camp SC by Nikki Peppermint

Sea of Dead by RJDiogenes

The Cenobite BY Mr. Toast

Generic Gothic Vampire Romance #69 by Dead Body Dump

Good Night Campers by Cait & Self

Copyrights are held by the Individual Artists.  No art or prose may be reproduced without the express permission of the Artist.  Shattered Corpse publishes with the permission of the copyright holder. Artists that wish to be part of any Shattered Corpse Anthology should contact an Administrator.

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