Good Night Campers by Cait and Self

Goodnight Campers
By Cait and Self

As the embers of the fire crackled and popped, Cait and Self buried the bodies of the campers that had died from fright.

"I was only joking," said Self.  "It was a joke.  How did I know he had a weak heart.  And, the other one.  Who cried herself to death?  It's not natural. Why it's downright treacherous in fact."

"Oh, don't play the innocent one with me Self.  You like it.  You do something every year to scare the hell out of the campers and you aren't happy until one of them keels over dead, or at least passes out from fight.  It's your nature to be mean like that.  Then you bat your eyelashes, and claim complete innocence, or you blame it on me.  As if anyone would believe I'd do something like that.  Everyone knows I'd never harm a soul.  Now soulless beings, that's different, but I'd never hurt a soul--EVER! And everyone knows it too.  But you, you sneak behind my back every year doing all manner of evil, and then try to frame me for it.  Well, no way missy.  Not this year. "

"You're wrong Cait.  I didn't do it on purpose.  You just hate it because I can always get one of them the first night.  You?  You can't even get them to scream.  You're a wuss.  A goody two shoes.  What fun are you anyway?  Why how you keep this gig is beyond me.  You're lousy at it.  Terrible.  If you had your way, you'd sing camp songs and toast marshmallows. "

"Shut up.  Just shut your face.  I can get to you easy enough.  How many times have you killed me?  That's right.  None.  How many times have I killed you and oh yeah, frozen you?  humm.  How many???  That right.  We both lost count decades ago.  So you can prance around camp acting like you are scary and trying to scare the campers to death, but when it comes down to it,  you're just my shadow looking for some attention."

"Am not"

"Are too.  An attention whore, and not a very good one either."

"Am not."

"Yes, not a good one.  I'm glad you see it finally."

Self twirled and gave Cait a look.  She hated to be reminded that all she was allowed to do was fuck with the campers on Halloween.  The rest of the year, she was fodder for all manner of experiment to the up and coming demons, witches, and goblins.  

"Oh sure, experiment on Self.  Self won't mind.  Self never minds.  And if she stays dead, no big loss.  All she knows how to do is scare campers. Not a high level skill. Oh one of these days, I'll show them all, but especially Cait.  Yep, one of these days," she thought to herself.. "one of these days."

But that day never came, and probably never will, and as Cait tucked in the remaining live campers she chuckled to herself.  It had been a good day and an even better evening.  The campers were all afraid and in a perfect frame of mind for what was to come.  Self was suitably chastised.  And, she had a most excellent idea for tomorrow.  Yes, a most excellent idea indeed.  All she needed was some handcuffs and some rope... then she'd...

Thoughts of silliness, fun and mayhem filled her thoughts as she drifted off to sleep.  The campers were going to be surprised, but no was going to be as surprised as Self.  Maybe, just maybe Cait could finally get rid of Self for good--maybe even forever.

Well a girl can dream.  A girl needs her dreams.

The End



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