Venus Retrograde

(Coming March 6 2009 to April 17 2009)


Venus will be @ 15 degrees Aries when it goes retrograde on the 6th of March.  It will travel backwards towards Pisces and re-enter Pisces on the 12th of April.  Venus will begin to go direct on April 17th @ 29 degrees Pisces.  Venus will not return to the original 15 degrees Aries until May 21st 2009.


Venus spends less time retrograde than any other planet—only forty days once every eighteen months. In a birth chart, Venus retrograde represents a set of personal goals and values which appear to go against the grain of natural forces and instincts. It is the symbol of ascetics, athletics and others who train, fight or redirect natural urges. It denotes the artist’s total commitment to art and the values and ideals she is attempting to show.

In a man’s natal chart, Venus retrograde indicates a powerful focus on fulfilling a well-defined set of ideals and goals, often of a social-political, spiritual or athletic nature. Living up to his chosen ideals may become the central focus in life, and a man with Venus retrograde may need to exercise more sensitivity and delicacy when applying his ideals to others.

In a woman’s natal chart, Venus retrograde suggest a life uncommon to most women. Such a woman often dares to break new ground, refusing to accept traditional female roles. As a result, women with Venus retrograde often find themselves amid emotional struggles and public controversy regarding their uncompromising quest for truth, justice and acceptance.

Love & Close Relationships during a Venus retrograde phase.

We may be called upon to reevaluate our existing close relationships. Venus retrograde is a good time to think and talk about issues, review and discuss what has worked well for you before and what has not. This is not the time to finalize either commitments or separations, as the value or lack thereof in the relationship might not be apparent to you now. Partners are more indecisive and fickle during Venus retrograde. Assumptions of other people’s feelings are often inaccurate, so open and honest communication is vital.

The real focus now is your relationship with yourself, and this time is especially good for acts of kindness and love toward yourself. So many times when the people close to us are aggravating or frustrating, the problem is with us, not them. It’s important during Venus retrograde to take some time and space for yourself, to feel your feelings. Especially if there is anger, just recognize and honor the hurt feelings that are underneath. Just by recognizing and honoring them, you create inner peace.

In a relationship that begins or ends during this time, it’s a good time to experiment, but moving too fast and overwhelming yourself before you know what’s going on is also a possibility. Just tune into your instincts for guidance. If you feel unsettled within yourself, jumpy, or nervy, give yourself some time and space to breathe and think before taking action.

The most important thing is, don’t be frightened by Venus retrograde. It happens every year and a half, so rest assured you have already survived it many times! Astrology is the study of cycles: all of them useful, some difficult, but none inherently bad, unless you resist the flow, and expect everything to go as usual during this time. Going along with the energy, taking advantage of the opportunities it offers, makes for a smoother ride and pleasant surprises.

This is the first one since late July 2007-August 2007, and the signs involved were Virgo and Leo.  

This time, Venus will be going backwards in the sign of Aries, so there will be a lot of reevaluation regarding "how we go about getting what we want".  Aries is the sign of Action and while Venus is traveling retrograde through Aries, we will face the ineffectiveness and frustration regarding the manner with which we go about getting what we want.  "Venus is what we desire;  Mars [the ruler of Aries] is how we go about getting what we want."  This retrograde cycle can be summed up with that statement.  What do we want?  And how can we get it?  This is the crux of this particular Venus Retrograde

The good news about this retrograde is that you may well find yourself able to repair damage done to relationships during the last reverse cycle [July/Aug 2007).

On the other hand, Venus retrograde can be a difficult time when it’s a little harder to relate, so make the effort, if you know it’s worthwhile. Venus is also about values, as well as love and money.  ,

Venus going backwards will also mean she will go over certain points in all our charts, not once, not twice, but three times. That can have its pluses! Use the Venus retrograde period to reevaluate both your finances and your love life.

When Venus, planet of love and money, is in reverse, it’s the time to look at what you are putting into your relationship or a paid job, versus what you are getting out of it. If you think you are being lazy, it’s time to fix that. If, on the other hand, you think it’s you that’s doing all the running, working too hard, and getting little back, then this is also the time to think about it.

Venus doesn’t officially start to go backwards until March 6th, but even as the month begins, we are in the shadow period, so it’s already a good time to start contemplating those cash and love ‘‘investments’’. For the record, it’s also said that the pretty frou frou (Venusian) luxuries we buy when Venus is retrograde are the things we never wear. Because Venus is about taste and art and finery, sometimes we get a slightly skewed sense of what we love in that department while she is in a reverse cycle. You have been warned!

Basics on the influence of Venus:

The first planet within Earth’s orbit, Venus represents the centripetal, inward-pulling elements of life and experience which urge us toward inner union and togetherness with others. Venus is the attraction-repulsion principle, it symbolizes guiding values and ideals, and the feminine aspect of nature.

Traditional Attributes:

Harmony, art, beauty, grace, charm and affection. Pleasure, comfort and luxury. Personalized love and expressions of love. Receptivity and the ability to attract others and maintain relationships. Attractive or desirable people, places and things. The Venus principle is represented by love goddesses of world mythology, such as the Greek Aphrodite and the Hindu Kamala.

Humanistic Interpretation:

Venus represents our personal ideals, goals and values. Our sensitivities and affinities are symbolized by Venus, as well as the capacity to appreciate, interpret and give meaning to life- experiences and relationships. In a birth chart, it shows how one judges oneself, others and situations. It indicates how to best achieve satisfaction and fulfillment, and the instincts which guide us along the way. Venus symbolizes one’s “moral compass” and emotional capacity, as well as intimacy and connectiveness. Venus represents one’s archetypal form of individuality, in so much as individuality is defined by one’s inner values.

For A Man

In a man’s birth chart, Venus represents his anima—the inner, often hidden and secret, feminine aspect of his psychology. It shows the receptive, sensitive and appreciative side of his personality, and what he most values. Venus in a man’s horoscope also symbolizes the qualities he finds most attractive in a women—qualities he may project upon women and expect them to fulfill.

For A Woman:

In a woman’s birth chart, Venus denotes her truest feminine qualities, the qualities she most wants to realize and embody. In today’s highly competitive society, a woman’s Venusian character may be overshadowed by the masculine planets—especially Mars (drive) and Saturn (control)—which allow her to survive and succeed in the world of business and career. By tuning into her Venusian qualities, a woman can better maintain the delicate balance between her outer, career life and her feminine identity.


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